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    Hello, I'm a Vancouver, BC based photographer who loves shooting weddings, portraits, events, and more... please check out my portfolio galleries for a glimpse of my work!

    A wedding photographer has an awesome responsibility. There is only one opportunity to get the shots of those moments. I am honored each time a couple puts their faith in me to deliver beautiful images.

    I love working for couples who agree that getting the photography right on their wedding day is of utmost importance. After all, when it's all said and done, all that will remain of the flowers, decorations, cake... and just about everything else from that day will be the images of them that I have documented. They better be great!

    I am normally a man of few words (ironically, I hold a Bachelor's Degree in Communications), and perhaps that's why I have gravitated to photography as a career - a picture is worth a thousand words, so I like to just let my images do the talking.

My Nieces – Vancouver Portrait Photographer

Over the long weekend, I went out onto Granville Island with my Brother-In-Law’s family to do some more photos of my two nieces.

I say “some more” because of course I’ve taken tons of pictures of them already, but it’s been a while since we’ve done a real “session” together. Their parents wanted to have some great photos done while the weather was nice, and before the girl’s new sibling arrives in the fall… yay, another subject to shoot!

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Andreja & Robert | Terminal City Vancouver Wedding

Andreja and Robert were married at Holy Rosary Cathedral, then held their reception at The Terminal City Club downtown. Shortly after the wedding, I posted many images on Facebook. I sometimes read the comments people make to one another there, and get a kick out of people “tagging” each other. Facebook is really an interesting forum of communication.

I pulled a few different images to post here… I wouldn’t want to repeat myself for the Facebook crowd! These ones are on the whole a bit more casual, whereas these cover the day more fully I think!

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July 22, 2010 - 3:27 am

stacy - nicle doco images, love the angles and catching the moment

Annie & Dave | Vancouver Wedding Photographer

Annie and Dave tied the knot this past Saturday. We took photos around Westwood Plateau Golf Club (very convenient, since that was the venue for the reception as well!). What a relaxed couple… both Annie and Dave were very laid back. It was clear that they were going to go with the flow the whole day, and I’m happy for them that everything turned out perfectly! The weather, the vintage Jaguar limo, the superb buffet spread at the venue…

Well, except maybe for be the The Netherlands losing the World Cup final on Sunday to Spain. The guests from Holland were surely disappointed. It was that octopus’s fault.

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July 14, 2010 - 4:27 am

stacy - Just professional, what else can I say!! 🙂

Annie & Dave Engaged! | Vancouver Wedding Photographer

This past weekend I went up to Queen Elizabeth Park with Annie and Dave  to do an engagement session. They are getting married this coming weekend! Dave grew up around the park, so it holds a lot of good childhood memories. I like that they were both just so relaxed and agreeable…

Me: “Hey, can you guys lay down on the grass here?”

Dave: “Sure, I’m allergic to grass, but why not!”

Saturday is going to be a lot of fun!

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July 6, 2010 - 2:29 am

stacy - Now!! thats a nice couple…. beautifully captured

Tajci Photo Session – Sneak Peek | Vancouver Portrait Photographer

I just got back from  a week shooting in Cincinnati and Nashville. Tajci is a singer I wrote about back in March when she came through town to do a concert here in Vancouver. During that visit, we discussed the idea of me going down to Cincinnati to do a photo session with her there.

Well, it actually happened… Over the week, I even got to go to Nashville with her where she recorded a vocal track for an upcoming release. The vocals was recorded and produced by Bryan Lenox, a Grammy award winning producer. If you look closely at the shot of Bryan working in the studio, you can see the Grammy just sitting by the control board, humbly displayed for those who care to notice.

The idea for the multi-day shoot was to capture many facets of Tajci, showing different looks, and different sides of her life and personality. I’ve only begun to go through all the images from the week, and these few are but a peek at what we created together. I may post more at a later time, if there is interest!

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