• Welcome to my blog!

    Hello, I'm a Vancouver, BC based photographer who loves shooting weddings, portraits, events, and more... please check out my portfolio galleries for a glimpse of my work!

    A wedding photographer has an awesome responsibility. There is only one opportunity to get the shots of those moments. I am honored each time a couple puts their faith in me to deliver beautiful images.

    I love working for couples who agree that getting the photography right on their wedding day is of utmost importance. After all, when it's all said and done, all that will remain of the flowers, decorations, cake... and just about everything else from that day will be the images of them that I have documented. They better be great!

    I am normally a man of few words (ironically, I hold a Bachelor's Degree in Communications), and perhaps that's why I have gravitated to photography as a career - a picture is worth a thousand words, so I like to just let my images do the talking.

Coming to a salon near you…

I recently did a little commercial shoot for a beauty products company, photographing some bottles and a neat little display/packing idea they are just about to release. The problem with the bottle was, they don’t actually have any finished bottles. So they brought a blank prototype, and they will place the artwork on later. Also, the bottle wasn’t sealed on the end, which meant I has to photograph a similar bottle and photoshop the end onto the unfinished bottle. No big deal. That’s what happens when deadlines creep up on you – you do what you can to make it work.

The display pieces are really cool. They are actually carved out of driftwood, so no two will ever be alike! But, you get what you pay for (and this stuff is not cheap).

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2022 Winter Olympics

Today we went out to watch our nieces during their figure skating lessons. It got me thinking, since it’s been almost exactly a year since the opening of the 2010 Games here in Vancouver. You never know… these two will be old enough to compete in a dozen years (give or take). They may have no interest even in doing so, but if they win gold in 2022, everyone’s going to want these pictures!

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2010 – 10 Images

I had this idea to post 10 images from 2010. It started as a 10 “best” concept, but I quickly realized that that was a useless notion – how should “best” be defined?

It became a “I like these 10 a lot” list. Now, how can I explain why I like them a lot? I can’t really. Going through my catalogue, my first cut of this list was close to a hundred images. I would eliminate some images and kind of feel bad about many of them… but, I needed to be ruthless. Every one just has some kind of special meaning or feeling. Sometimes, it was because I remember what I felt when I took that photo, or the impact it had when I saw it on my monitor for the first time. In at least one case, it was simply my favorite from a series of images where the session itself had some extra meaning for me.

I think what’s funny is that I’m sure if I started from scratch again, I’d probably end up with an entirely different group of images. But, I’m not gonna go there. It was hard enough the first time.

p.s. I know there are really eleven images here. Any one of these could be dropped – you pick one!

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Two different concepts… which is better?

I was asked to do a photo session that was to serve two purposes. The first being a birth announcement, and the second, a family Christmas card. I think either of these two concepts would work in the end. I do have a favourite of the two, but that would only be my opinion. In any case, it was a pleasure to shoot. Little sister really was an angel all through the session (sometimes, toddlers can be more of a challenge), and baby brother was a natural model – YES! Hold that pose!

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Christmas Portrait – Before and After

I recently shot a portrait for a family’s Christmas card. Mom REALLY wanted to use one particular image, but the darn candy wrapper used to help get junior’s attention was ruining the shot (it was late and he wasn’t in the mood for a photo session). Hey, what a great opportunity to illustrate a “before and after” image… Photoshop to the rescue! I think it should be easy to tell which is the before and which is after, but anyway, the “after” is on top.

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