• Welcome to my blog!

    Hello, I'm a Vancouver, BC based photographer who loves shooting weddings, portraits, events, and more... please check out my portfolio galleries for a glimpse of my work!

    A wedding photographer has an awesome responsibility. There is only one opportunity to get the shots of those moments. I am honored each time a couple puts their faith in me to deliver beautiful images.

    I love working for couples who agree that getting the photography right on their wedding day is of utmost importance. After all, when it's all said and done, all that will remain of the flowers, decorations, cake... and just about everything else from that day will be the images of them that I have documented. They better be great!

    I am normally a man of few words (ironically, I hold a Bachelor's Degree in Communications), and perhaps that's why I have gravitated to photography as a career - a picture is worth a thousand words, so I like to just let my images do the talking.

Forest Pixie Flower Girl – Vancouver Wedding Photographer

Last Saturday I shot Maya and Adam’s wedding on the beach. Thankfully, the rain held off until after the vows (but did return soon after, chasing us all under umbrellas and trees). I’m sitting here in my hotel room in Toronto, going over the images, and can’t help but share this one with you.

This is the groom’s niece, peeking through a clearing at me, on the path to the ceremony site. Slap a pair of wings on that cutie!


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July 24, 2011 - 2:31 pm

Jele - Rain or shine . . .true joy and happiness within the souls of children can’t be dampened. Love the photo!! What a pretty fairy princess.

The city so great, they named it twice.

We recently returned from our first ever visit to New York city. We stayed at a fairly decent hotel in midtown Manhattan (The Carlton), which offered up a central location for walking to many of the sights on our must see list.

The only real negative of the whole experience was the the fact that it was very muggy the whole time we were there. Wow; not used to that coming from Vancouver.

There was one other disappointment for me though. I really wanted to check out B&H Photo while there. As it turned out, B&H was closed from the day we got there, and only re-opened on the day we left. I saw it from the outside though – completely covered up with signage about how it was going to be closed the whole time I was there!

Some of the highlights included:

Rockefeller Centre – Cool, really quick elevator ride up to the top.

Metropolitan Museum – Fascinating how buildings and facades have been dismantled and reconstructed inside the museum. Seeing 19th century graffiti on the Egyptian monuments was kind of cool too.

• Times Square – which really isn’t a “square” but rather a few block section of the city around Broadway.

• Macy’s Department Store – seeing the very first escalator, still operating, and made of wood!

• Central Park – a true oasis within the concrete jungle.

Eataly! – Mario Batali’s 50,000 sq. ft. market/eatery.

• Performing on stage, off Broadway with Joyce Dewitt (Janet, from Three’s Company) – when you see there’s audience participation involved, be careful where you sit.

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June 24, 2011 - 4:26 pm

Sherry (Canary) Sakamoto - Enjoyed your photos! B&H…definitely somewhere I would try to go to for sure! :-D

June 27, 2011 - 1:17 am

admin - Well Sherry, If you ever do visit B&H, let me know what it’s like inside!

Architectural – Vancouver Photographer

Now, I don’t claim to be an “architectural” photographer, but I have to say, if you ask me to photograph anything, I’ll do my darnedest to make it awesome, and I’ll have fun doing it!

When Aldo called me saying he had just finished a 40 home subdivision and wanted some nice photos of a couple of the houses to put on his website (a little better than he could take himself), I was more than happy to give it a shot – many shots actually.

Architectural photography has its own set of specific challenges, not the least of which is light balancing and converging lines. The result? Aldo was blown away by the difference between his photos and mine… was there ever any doubt?

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One Happy Couple – Vancouver Portrait Photographer

This past weekend one of my upcoming wedding couples and I went to Granville Island to do an engagement portrait session together. The sun was shining, but it was COLD! They kept asking me, “do you want us to talk off our coats?” And they did for many of the photos. Talk about troopers. It was me that was the frozen one by the time we finished… my mouth was so frozen that my speech was slurred for a good 20 minutes afterwards! Cold weather – hot photos! These are some of my favourites.


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Just Because – Vancouver Portrait Photographer

A couple of years ago, a local DJ called me to do some portraits of him against a white background. The shoot turned out well, and we were both pleased with the results. For a while now I’ve wanted to try out a little more “grungy” look on some portraits, so I thought Rok would make a good subject for my little experiment. I called him up to see if he was game and we booked the time to get together in the studio. Different lighting, some post processing, abbra cadabbra… and voila! Thanks Rok.


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There’s a Story… about a Vancouver Portrait Photographer

A few days ago I did a series of business portraits for a bank in downtown Vancouver – 25 portraits in one morning. As I was working on the images, I couldn’t help but think about a bunch of visuals like, tic tac toe, Hollywood Squares, and The Brady Bunch. I had to get it out of my system, so, here it is. That’s me in the middle from my lighting setup test (before I made the background green with a gelled flash).

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