• Welcome to my blog!

    Hello, I'm a Vancouver, BC based photographer who loves shooting weddings, portraits, events, and more... please check out my portfolio galleries for a glimpse of my work!

    A wedding photographer has an awesome responsibility. There is only one opportunity to get the shots of those moments. I am honored each time a couple puts their faith in me to deliver beautiful images.

    I love working for couples who agree that getting the photography right on their wedding day is of utmost importance. After all, when it's all said and done, all that will remain of the flowers, decorations, cake... and just about everything else from that day will be the images of them that I have documented. They better be great!

    I am normally a man of few words (ironically, I hold a Bachelor's Degree in Communications), and perhaps that's why I have gravitated to photography as a career - a picture is worth a thousand words, so I like to just let my images do the talking.

Tying one on – A “How to” from a Vancouver Wedding Photographer

I’ve been to hundreds of weddings, and for some reason I get asked A LOT by grooms and groomsmen if I know how to tie a tie. It’s a good thing that I do. I always do the “single” or “half” Windsor. When I was really young, I did the double, but that was only because it was the first one I was taught. As soon as I found out there was a different option (which looked better, as far as I was concerned), I switched. If I’m shooting your wedding, I’ll tie it for you. Or, if you want to learn how to do it yourself, watch these youtube videos.

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I’d like to thank the Academy…

Earlier this month I entered some images into The Professional Photographers of Canada-BC (PPOC-BC) image competition. Two of my images were accepted into the exhibit “BC Image Salon”. Not only that, but both also received “Honourable Mention” for the Best in Category selections. Not too shabby. Here are those two images, and the press release from the PPOC-BC…

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A big empty building

Last night I dreamt that I finally made another blog entry. It was the entry that I’ve been telling myself to do for months already, but for some reason, I wasn’t writing the entry in English… then I woke up.

Well, here is what I’ve been meaning to write for months. In English.

Over the summer I went to Ontario for a couple of weeks, and while there I had the opportunity to stop at an interesting landmark. In Markham, Ontario one can find the Slovak Byzantine Rite Roman Catholic, “Cathedral of the Transfiguration”.

Completely privately funded by Stephen B. Roman (who made his fortune in the mining industry), construction of the Cathedral began in 1984, when it was also blessed by Pope John Paul II, during his visit to the area that year. When Roman died in 1988, ownership of the property was left to his heirs. As such, it was the only Cathedral in Canada not owed by the Bishop (the Archdioceses). The last Service was held in the still unfinished Cathedral in 2006, when it’s status as Cathedral was revoked by the Archdioceses. The structure was never completed, and is now dilapidating.  Seems a shame.

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Portrait Photography… from back in the day

I had a little twinge of nostalgia the other day and found myself leafing through some of my old binders full of film I shot 15, 20, 25 years ago. There was this one subject that I had the pleasure of shooting several times over the course of two or three years. I decided to scan one of the negatives from one of her shoots to have a closer look. I shot this 19 years ago, on Agfa APX100 Black and White film. I had to share…

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Okanagan Wine Country Wedding

Just this past weekend I traveled to the Okanagan for a destination wedding in Oliver and Penticton. Cristina grew up in Oliver on the family apple orchard, so I couldn’t resist some apple shots! The ceremony was in Oliver, where we found a nice backroad spot for photos before heading to Penticton for the reception on the lake. This is a small sneak peek of what we did!

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