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Molten Hot Photography

A friend of mine moved his welding shop to a new location a couple of weeks ago. He likes his new layout because it has a second story, which happens to be a great space for a photo studio. You see, Michael’s not only a welder, but a photographer too (isn’t everybody a photographer in […]

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Engagement Session x2 – Vancouver Wedding Photographer

Martina and Kris were married last weekend… So I guess I might be a bit tardy in blogging their engagement photos. But, I’m doing it now. Now, Martina wanted a couple of very different “themes” for their engagement photos: 1. Airport – Martina and Kris lived in different cities, so this couple’s courtship involved a […]

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Portrait Photography… from back in the day

I had a little twinge of nostalgia the other day and found myself leafing through some of my old binders full of film I shot 15, 20, 25 years ago. There was this one subject that I had the pleasure of shooting several times over the course of two or three years. I decided to […]

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