Live Concert Photography

This past weekend I was commissioned to shoot an event at The Hard Rock Casino in Vancouver (really, it’s in Coquitlam). I was glad to be asked, since I had already planned to go to the show – though my wife was less impressed since it meant I wouldn’t be sitting with her  🙁

I am familiar with all the artist on the bill, especially having grown up listening to the headliner, Oliver Dragojević. All the singers were super nice: Ljiljana Nikolovska, Nina Badrić, and Tedi Spalato (who thinks that he and I may be distant cousins on my father’s side, based on the part of the country our families are from). I was really honoured getting to hang out and photograph everything, including the sound check, and some of the green room activities. Who doesn’t appreciate having a shot of cognac backstage?

It was a long night after the show for me. I was up until after 4am getting all the images done and ready to deliver to the promoter (“Chach”, from Scardona World Music) the next morning before they all headed to next show. However I did send Chach some of the images by email over night so he could send them of to Croatian media a.s.a.p. You can find that story here, but if you can’t read Croatian, just look at the photos  🙂   Huh, I’ve used emoticons twice in this posting!

Below are all those images, plus a bunch more…

And by the way, I did sit with my wife part of the time  😉  Make that three emoticons.

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