A big empty building

Last night I dreamt that I finally made another blog entry. It was the entry that I’ve been telling myself to do for months already, but for some reason, I wasn’t writing the entry in English… then I woke up.

Well, here is what I’ve been meaning to write for months. In English.

Over the summer I went to Ontario for a couple of weeks, and while there I had the opportunity to stop at an interesting landmark. In Markham, Ontario one can find the Slovak Byzantine Rite Roman Catholic, “Cathedral of the Transfiguration”.

Completely privately funded by Stephen B. Roman (who made his fortune in the mining industry), construction of the Cathedral began in 1984, when it was also blessed by Pope John Paul II, during his visit to the area that year. When Roman died in 1988, ownership of the property was left to his heirs. As such, it was the only Cathedral in Canada not owed by the Bishop (the Archdioceses). The last Service was held in the still unfinished Cathedral in 2006, when it’s status as Cathedral was revoked by the Archdioceses. The structure was never completed, and is now dilapidating.  Seems a shame.

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