2010 – 10 Images

I had this idea to post 10 images from 2010. It started as a 10 “best” concept, but I quickly realized that that was a useless notion – how should “best” be defined?

It became a “I like these 10 a lot” list. Now, how can I explain why I like them a lot? I can’t really. Going through my catalogue, my first cut of this list was close to a hundred images. I would eliminate some images and kind of feel bad about many of them… but, I needed to be ruthless. Every one just has some kind of special meaning or feeling. Sometimes, it was because I remember what I felt when I took that photo, or the impact it had when I saw it on my monitor for the first time. In at least one case, it was simply my favorite from a series of images where the session itself had some extra meaning for me.

I think what’s funny is that I’m sure if I started from scratch again, I’d probably end up with an entirely different group of images. But, I’m not gonna go there. It was hard enough the first time.

p.s. I know there are really eleven images here. Any one of these could be dropped – you pick one!

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