The Power of a simple Photo

A few days ago I wanted to play with some software that applies various borders and effects to photographs. I thought I’d just snap a quick photo of a random object in my office and use that, so I grabbed an old memory card off my desk, and as I do before I use a card, I checked to see what was on it before I re-formatted to use again. I saw some photos that I had shot almost 2 years ago and never downloaded. Those shots themselves were some test shots that I had done where I asked a friend who was visiting to just act as my subject. Well, I thought, why not just use one of these!?

I’ve known my friend, Tvrtko (whose parents could have bought an extra vowel or two for his name), ever since I was a kid. When I graduated from high school, I joined his band and we played music together in various configurations (from duet all the way to 6 piece bands) for a full 20 years…. mostly we played weddings, so besides photography, I’ve also been to hundreds more weddings as a musican.

Anyway, back to my story… I played with this software and then posted the image up on Facebook, just for fun. It never get tired of how much a simple photograph can affect people. So many people who know Tvrtko commented and “liked” the photo. Tvrtko ended up calling me on the phone and we had a chuckle about the photo, and about years gone by. He told me a friend of his in Los Angeles saw the image and called him on the phone too. They hadn’t corresponded in a while, and it was the photo that inspired him to just pick up the phone. I think that’s pretty powerful (and wonderful).

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