Family Portrait Session | Vancouver Portrait Photographer

A while ago, an old high school buddy called me out of the blue. I had run into him over a year ago (at a funeral, of all places). He remembered that I told him I was a photographer, so when it came time for his family to document this time in history, he asked me to do the honours.

Luka and his wife weren’t sure how I could get nice shots right in their home (as opposed to going to a studio), but that is just the kind of thing I enjoy doing. That is, coming into my client’s environment, where they are really the most comfortable… especially when there are children in the mix. All we did was move a couch and coffee table out of the way, I set up my lights, and voila – instant photo studio!

After shooting a bit indoors, we took the kids down to the park at the end of the block and had some more fun with them. I think we did well!

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